MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser

The ultimate protection & stability when working on gutters

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Protect guttering from your ladder by using MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser

How MYRUF™ Works

Attach The multi purpose MYRUF™ Pole

Hook the MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser

Remove the MYRUF™ multi purpose rod

Place your ladder in the MYRUF™ device

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Get the ultimate protection and stability with the MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser

What's included?

MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser

MYRUF™ Multi Purpose Pole

$169 AUD ex GST

$129 AUD ex GST

Made with over 20 years experience in roofing

The ultimate protection

Built for Australian Roofs.

Protect yourself or your staff with this cutting edge roofing product. MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser hooks into the gutter, stabilizing the ladder, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Too often guttering is damaged by ladders while we work at height. Using MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser ensures you don’t leave behind scratches or dents while working on roofs.
We use constrction grade steel and are so confident your MYRUF™ Ladder Stabiliser will last a life time that we offer a life time money back guarantee if yours breaks.

Life time guarentee on quality!

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